Saturday, January 2, 2010

Vada's Dolls -- updated Jan. 14.

Jan. 14. #17. Granny Smith of Applehead Lane.
Ninety two, and still a-peeling.

Proud operator of Better Inn Cider Pie Shop.
I had this dried apple head and thought I'd try making it up. She could have been Willa Winesap, but she didn't want to wait for the 'W', in case I didn't get that far....and she does look just like a granny (for G). She's about 15 inches tall, standing, but prefers to sit, these days.

Jan. 13th. # 16. Frankie, the Flapper. She just stepped out of the dress shop, and ready to parr-tee! She's been practicing her charleston steps, and everything. 14 inches of roaring twenties energy, has anybody seen her guy.....?

Jan. 12. #15. Elfa McMoss, a little green forest elf, 9 inches tall. She is made using Sherry Goshen's free online pattern, Elfin. I have made this pattern before, as a pouty little fellow who stamped his foot and declared he didn't want to dance!

Jan. 10. # 14. And in the center ring..... the great DeMarco, the Tattooed Trapese Artist. DeMarco measures a muscular 18 inches, from head to toe. He comes from Australia, where he was designed by R. McGinnity, a pattern titled Fernando and Fabio of the Fabulous Flying Fancys.

Jan. 8th. # 13. Clara Beth the Clown is 23 inches tall. I just made her up as I went along, firstchoosing the fabrics from my diminishing stash .

January 7th. At right: #12....Botta-Lina, a Rainbow Sprite. Her body is a wine bottle decoupaged with crinkled white tissue paper.
Sparkly twiggy wings give her a sprite-like quality. 15 inches tall.

#11... Alice in WinterLand. 18 inches tall. She intended to go skiing, but got sidetracked.

Added Jan. 4: #'s 3, 4, 5: Three pin dolls done on January Third. I started a batch of 8, and will finish the others later in the month. These are made using my custom designed fabric, printed at The features are colored in with crayon and paint. #'s 6 thought 10: The rest of the batch of eight.

Now, getting a little ahead of the game, I can relax and concentrate on something more elaborate.

This is George, named for my brother whose birthday is today, Jan. 2nd., and who's as hooked on photography as I am with doll-making. ;^). This fellow is 11 inches tall. I used Mary Tressler's free online pattern 'what a guy!' for the body. This is not my favorite face, but I did make him a neat camera, from a piece of eraser (painted black) and two bead for the lens. He's all equipped with gadget bag and tripod.

Right: Challenge doll # 1....Eliza. A bottle topper, with a fine wardrobe. January 1st.


stitch4stitch textiles said...

love his accessories, I would have never thought of making a rubber into a camera. Its great

Vada said...

Ah, everything is fodder for the mill. ;)

stitch4stitch textiles said...

I like how you got different expressions on your pin dolls, mine more or less look the same but I'm practising and hoping by the end of this challenge I have improved on them.