Sunday, January 31, 2010

Diana's final 2.

Diana writes: This final photo is of the whole family, but one must have run away from home, or didn't want to be in the photo, as I cannot find her.

Thanks for letting me join in this challenge, as it has been a great learning curve, and I now know in what direction I'm going. I am definitely going to play with dolls; there is so much to learn. I have enjoyed doing this challenge, but pleased it has come to an end, as other things have been neglected. I would have liked to spend a lot more time on each doll, with stitch and embellishment, but this was part of the exercise, having limited time.
Thanks for the enjoyment, I love your dolls, and will continue following your blog. If you think of any other challenges, let me know and I will join in.
And here are the final two. # 29. Joan. Face adapted from Jill Maas' pin doll pattern. and #30. Jack, the elf.

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