Sunday, January 31, 2010

Success!! Wow!!

Great Job, Diana! 30 dolls in 30 days! and I love every one of them!

Each is unique, and presents a little part of yourself. And that's what doll-making, as any other art, is all about.

Thank you for joining me in this little 'game'.

I, too, have learned a few things in the process, and am glad to call it done, as I will now feel free to spend more time on each one I create. Details do take time, trial and error, and thought. Sometimes I thought the hardest part was choosing the next design. I tend to want to dash off in all directions, want to try every last style and idea, and use every piece of fabric I have, or that catches my eye. Most of which will demand more time than I had for each of these this month. The possibilities are endless.

Again, thanks for helping to make this so much fun.

If there are others who have worked on the challenge, regardless of numbers actually accomplished, you are encouraged to send me photos or a link, and I will be delighted to post them here. Don't be shy about sharing.....

Happy Dollmaking to all! and Happy Valentine's Day, too. Vada

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