Friday, January 15, 2010

Vada's 2nd Half-- Updated Jan. 25

Jan. 25. #25. Nikki's Nightingale. Nikki is one of the MerryHill Faeries, a series I created a couple years ago. You can see more of them, and their story on my cloth dolls blog, October posts. One of the faeries is featured in a book about them and their home. Nikki is 7 inches tall, seated.

Jan. 24th. #24. Maid of Hearts is from R. McGinnity's design Damsel in this Dress, Maid of Hearts- from the Heartland. All her main body parts are heart shapes. She is 19 inches tall, measuring from the tip of her hat.

Jan. 22nd. #23. Lydia (Lydia has a secret:)

She likes to play the lady, And follow fashion's trend.
But under it all, she's chamber maid. Indeed, the plumber's friend.
As a maid's might be, her lovely gown Is madame's skirt, redone.
And though she must be practical, She likes to have some fun!

Lydia is an adaptation of my own pattern, created many years ago, wearing a print pinafore and holding a basket of toiletries. 27" tall. Her hip-length torso has a tube inside, so it can slip over the plunger handle, or taken off the base, she will sit anywhere, and makes a good bed doll.

Jan. 20. #21. Jill, and #22. Kay-Leah. Shown here with Sue (City Sue), made in December, not counted in this challenge. This is the Jill Maas' pattern, City Girls. Jill also has a wrap, like Sue's, but she didn't want to wear it for the picture.

Jan. 18. #'s 19 and 20....Illgott and Gaynes, a pair of shady cartoony characters, for sure.
I've always wanted to create a couple of guys, along this line. I love the play on words, as you have probably guessed by now, and 'illgotten gains' just cried out to be translated in cloth.
They are 'cut-and-cross-your-fingers' designs, 13 and 14 inches tall. I used the head patterns from Keelings' The two of us, Tillie and Tom. Notice that Gaynes has an extra card tucking under his lapel. And somehow, he already has 5 aces. ??? And Illgott keeps looking over his shoulder.

January 15.

Well, it's the middle of the month. And so far, so good. I'm still a little ahead of schedule. But I've more detailed ones on my list, and will need every spare hour. If I wasn't wacky to start with, I probably will be by the end of the month. ;^)
This is #18...Hay-rietta. She is a modification of my old pattern, HorseFeathers!.

She's 18 inches tall, will sit, decked out in her jumpsuit, ready for the World Equestrian Games coming to Lexington in the fall. Meanwhile, she's thinking of attending the races, and maybe go shopping.

Horse-feathers! means nonsense. Feather means finery. Do horses have feathers? No, but some breeds have feather....that long hair on the lower legs of some heavy breeds is called feather. Notice , Hay-rietta has feather on her 'feet'. She's a little heavier than she'd prefer to be, too. She'll be cutting back on the oats for a while.

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