Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Vada's 4th week...updated 30th

Jan. 30th #28. Qamani. #29. Roshana. #30 Serena. #31 Tamara. #32. Ula.
I gave up on the larger project, a quilting lady, when a cold 'caught me' a few days ago, and resorted to this little group of pin dolls, which I could sit on the couch and work on. So I included a couple 'extras'. Tomorrow is the 31st, (day of grace, remember?) and if I get ambitious and complete my quilter, I will post her. And of course, she will have to be named 'Grace'.
Jan 27th #27. Pearl. Made with Kate Erbach's free pattern, Celeste, Pearl is made of drapery and curtain fabric samples. Her hair is a scrungie. The design featured clay feet and hands, but I made them of fabric, as I did my first rendition of Celeste, which I made in December.
Jan 26th #26. Oh, Solo Meow. This earnest fellow was suggested by the fabrics. I wasn't sure what style I should make him, but like kids, they turn out how they will, so I'll call him done. Note, his claws are hair clippies. They make great little grasping hands. I draw the end of the sleeve up tightly around the backs of them, and also glue them in.
Jan. 26!!! Wow, I'm running out of days in the month before letters in the alphabet. Guess I'll have to choose which letters to skip, in order to do the ones I most want to include: p, q, r, and v.

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Sewn Seabee said...

The cat with the cat fabric is SOOO Cute - you are so talented :)
It gives me an idea of some things to do with my Cat In the Hat Scraps from my Liberated quilt